Welcome to the IM+CANS Production Portal

This portal is designed for the collection and management of data from the Illinois Medicaid Comprehensive Assessment of Needs and Strengths (IM+CANS) instrument.  Providers utilizing the IM+CANS are required to enter data from the completed tool into this electronic data platform within ten (10) business days of the date the IM+CANS is completed or updated. 

Questions or issues related to the IM+CANS Web Portal should be directed to omi.cansaccount@uillinois.edu.

About the IM+CANS

The IM+CANS is the HFS-approved instrument required in the delivery of the service of Integrated Assessment and Treatment Planning (IATP). IATP is an integrated service that ensures an individual’s assessment of needs and strengths are clearly documented and lead to specific treatment recommendations. Providers must minimally review and update clients’ IATPs every 180 days. Please note that staff must attend a one-day, in-person training and complete annual certification in order to utilize the IM+CANS.


Update is no longer a valid CANS Type on Batch Uploads. All batch records with CANS Type of Update will be rejected.
* New improved IM+CANS browser printing. At 100% size Portrait, print far fewer pages with improved formatting.

* Google Chrome is recommended for best viewing and printing experience.
* When entering the first IM+CANS for a client into the Portal, it should always be marked Initial, even if it is technically not the clients first assessment.

* N/A is not an available option on IM+CANS rating items. The Data Dictionary will be adjusted accordingly.

* Providers must first pass a certification process in the test system before they can Batch Upload assessments to Production.

* For pre-production IM+CANS Batch Upload Testing, you must obtain request access to the Test system by sending an email to HFS.CRM.Help@illinois.gov.

C H A N G E    L O G

2023-03-15  HRA's are no longer accepted in the portal.  See Provider Notice issued February 28, 2023.
2022-11-04  Update to Data Dictionary.  Added values to Treatment Plan, Service Place field.
2022-03-30  Update is no longer a valid CANS Type on Batch Uploads. All Updates via batch will be rejected.
2020-12-13  Vendor Ref added to Batch Upload Batch Log. Log entries prior to change will contain RIN in Vender Ref

2020-11-27  New improved IM+CANS browser printing. At 100% size Portrait, print far fewer pages with improved formatting.

2020-11-22  Health Risk Assessments must now be added only from the associated Client record when using the web interface
2020-11-22  Fixed IM+CANS Section 14 issues on Reassessments and Batch Uploads

2020-11-21  Added restart capability to Batch Uploads that have failed or are stuck in Processing status. 

2020-11-21  Added extra engines to Nightly/Weekend Batch Upload Process to reduce processing turnaround time

2020-11-19  Fixed missing menu options  issue for new users added by agency Superusers
2020-11-10  Improved printing capability of IM+CANS by providing more space for Section 14 Needs and Strengths

2020-09-30  Minor changes to IM+CANS Data Dictionary: removed N/A options from scoring fields / added ICD 10 codes for Diagnosis fields

2020-09-30  Fixed issue with Diagnosis codes only displaying for user that entered them
2020-09-22  Newly revised IM+CANS Batch Import Data Dictionary and Sample IM+CANS xml import files available on the HFS public-facing website

2020-09-22  Added minor fields and field dropdown values that were missing from the IM+CANS Add and Edit web pages

2020-09-18  Applied various Batch Upload enhancements and extended error checking to the Portal Batch Upload process in Test

2020-09-17  Modified "An unknown failure has occurred." error message to a more specific and user-friendly message system-wide

2020-09-12  Added minor fields that were missing from the IM+CANS Add and Edit web pages

2020-08-07  Fixed error adding Summary of Needs & Strengths items to Goals: Plan Detail field of Treatment Plan record increased to 1,000 characters

2020-08-03  Increased maximum length of all narrative, multi-line text fields in the IM+CANS and HRA to 10,000 characters

2020-07-27  Fixed error adding a new IM+CANS that occurs when a value longer than 3 characters is entered for age of any family member on the Client record (Deceased, Unknown, etc.)

2020-07-26  Fixed Password Reset issue, IM+CANS Diagnosis section, and re-activated Data Export functions
2020-07-24  Removed hero background from home landing page for better visibility of important notifications
2020-07-23  Applied various application and security fixes

Helpful Resources

IM+CANS Reference Guide

IM+CANS Web Portal User Guide (Coming Soon!)

HFS Website - Information on IATP

Handbook for Providers of Community Based Behavioral Services (CBS)


HFS Provider Notices

Title 89, Ill. Admin. Code, Section 140.453

Unauthorized Use Strictly Prohibited.