Welcome to the IM+CANS 2024 Partner Portal

This portal is designed for the collection and management of data from the Illinois Medicaid Comprehensive Assessment of Needs and Strengths (IM+CANS) instrument.  Providers utilizing the IM+CANS are required to enter data from the completed tool into this electronic data platform within ten (10) business days of the date the IM+CANS is completed or updated. 

Questions or issues related to the IM+CANS Web Portal should be directed to omi.cansaccount@uillinois.edu.

About the IM+CANS

The IM+CANS is the HFS-approved instrument required in the delivery of the service of Integrated Assessment and Treatment Planning (IATP). IATP is an integrated service that ensures an individual’s assessment of needs and strengths are clearly documented and lead to specific treatment recommendations. Providers must minimally review and update clients’ IATPs every 180 days. Please note that staff must attend a one-day, in-person training and complete annual certification in order to utilize the IM+CANS.  Please visit the IMCANS home page to see troubleshooting tips and detailed information regarding portal change log.


*The deadline for the CANS 2024 batch import recertification is June 30, 2024. To avoid any disruptions in your agency's ability to batch upload, please contact HFS.CRM.Help@illinois.gov to begin the recertification process.

*New IMCANS 2024 (V2) XML Sample and updated Data Dictionary are available on the HFS Website.
* New improved IM+CANS browser printing. At 100% size Portrait, print far fewer pages with improved formatting.

* Google Chrome is recommended for best viewing and printing experience.
* When entering the first IM+CANS for a client into the Portal, it should always be marked Initial, even if it is technically not the clients first assessment.

* N/A is not an available option on IM+CANS rating items. The Data Dictionary will be adjusted accordingly.

* Providers must first pass a certification process in the test system before they can Batch Upload assessments to Production.

* For pre-production IM+CANS Batch Upload Testing, after you have successfully registered in Production, you must request access to the Test system by sending an email to HFS.CRM.Help@illinois.gov.

Helpful Resources
HFS Website - Provider Portal (Registration Forms, Batch Import Resources, Information on IATP)
Handbook for Providers of Community Based Behavioral Services (CBS)
HFS Provider Notices
Title 89, Ill. Admin. Code, Section 140.453

Unauthorized Use Strictly Prohibited.